Blockchain As a Service (BAAS)

Our new Blockchain as a Service offering was built with blockchain technology. Our service enables you to create and deploy new private, permissioned blockchains in the cloud by simply sending a specific blockchain token to a unique service address.

Currently our BaaS provides support for Multichain blockchains.

Our BaaS provides two components, a front-end Blockchain Lab web application and a back-end, Blockchain as a Service. Both components have been architected on blockchain technology as opposed to the traditional client/server pattern. To create a new private, permissioned blockchain, the user of the Blockchain Lab web app, sends a specific token to a defined BaaS wallet address. Once the BaaS receives the token (with defined metadata) it deploys the new blockchain to a host machine, creates a blockchain explorer for the new chain, and returns a token representing ownership of the new blockchain back to the wallet address that made the initial request.



Once a blockchain is created...

users are provided with information regarding how to connect to the new blockchain, how to ssh to the machine hosting the blockchain to invoke interactive commands, as well as invoking the blockchain api through the Blockchain Lab interface.

When a user is finished with a blockchain and no longer desires to manage it, the blockchain can be deleted and removed from the service, by simply passing the ownership token to a defined BaaS wallet address. The token (with defined metadata) instructs the service to remove the blockchain from the system.

We have developed a rich portfolio of interactive educational content that is packaged with our Blockchain Lab web application. This educational content, with comprehensive learning tracks, provide a powerful approach to improving blockchain technology competencies.

The Blockchain Lab and the BaaS are great tools to get you up and learning blockchain technology quickly. They also enable rapid prototyping of blockchain solutions.

We have developed an object library for Bitcoin and Multichain that provides blockchain application developers with a comprehensive framework to assist their development efforts. Currently our object model is available for the python programming language.

Coming Soon: a short video demonstration of the Blockchain Lab web app and BaaS in action.