Our Team

Meet the team of entrepreneurs, tech scientists, data strategists
and developers.


DOUG BEBBER CSO/Co-Founderdbebber@theapollogroup.io

Doug is the Chief Scientist at The Apollo Group, with over 30-years of information technology experience.  Doug focuses on innovation in new technologies, principally blockchain technology, cryptography, and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) architecture patterns to deliver more efficient (automation), driving and effective solutions to continuously improve real-world business opportunities.  Doug is an innovator who has been working with Bitcoin since 2008.  Doug is also working on an improvement to the decentralized consensus algorithm which moves from a proof-of-work to a proof-of-time-and-space approach.


DAN CONWAY CtO/Co-Founderdconway@theapollogroup.io

Dan is the Chief Technologist and Data Strategist at The Apollo Group. Dan holds a Ph.D. in Decision Sciences and is a well-regarded mathematician and computer scientist.  Dan has served on the business and engineering faculty of many highly renowned educational institutions, including; The Universtiy of Notre Dame, Northwestern University, The University of Iowa, Indiana University, The University of Florida, Virginia Tech, and Loras College. Dan is an also expert in Data Science and Analytics and has published numerous white papers and academic reports.


pat doyle Ethereum Developer / Data Strategistpdoyle@theapollogroup.io

Pat is an Ethereum Developer and been working in the Blockchain space over the past 3 years. Pat is responsible for development and implementation of Apollo's Ethereum Smart Contract & Data strategy. This includes building and architecting Apollo's data infrastructure as well as developing our platforms predictive analytics capabilities. Pat became interested in the interoperability that blockchain promises and how this interoperability can work in tandem with data analytics. Pat holds Master’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame in analytics and is currently at Northwestern University finishing a post graduate full stack development program.